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Chairman's Message

Plantation Petroleum Company’s goal is to create maximum value for our investors and provide a rewarding workplace environment for our employees that will motivate them to excellence. Within our currently owned core areas PPC is poised to develop a significant asset base and exploit our extraordinary upside potential. At the same time, we continue to add high quality acreage positions and producing asset packages to our portfolio to make Plantation successful for all concerned well into the future.

Over the years our name has changed slightly as we have acquired oil and gas companies or assets, improved them, sold them, and then created new entities to do it all over again. EnCap Investments L.P. and Liberty Energy Holdings, LLC have provided continued support and encouragement throughout the years. One thing has not changed — our commitment to our investors, potential sellers, anticipated purchasers and our employees. They will always be treated with respect and integrity.

Thomas C. Meneley
Chief Executive Officer and
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Plantation Petroleum Company LLC