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Our Partners

Plantation Petroleum Company is backed by equity commitments from EnCap Investments L.P. and Old Ironsides Energy, LLC. EnCap and Liberty have been steadfast partners to our companies since 2002 and the formation of Plantation Petroleum Holdings, LLC. That entity was sold in 2003 to Forest Oil Corporation, and a second was formed with backing from EnCap and Old Ironsides that same year. Plantation II was sold in 2005 to Range Resources Corporation for $116.5 million. The Plantation management team partnered with EnCap and Old Ironsides again to form Plantation III (sold to EV Energy Partners L.P. in 2007 for $160 million) and Plantation IV (sold to Merit Energy in 2011 for $326.3 million). EnCap and Old Ironsides now back Plantation Petroleum Company, which was formed in 2012 alongside its subsidiary, PPC Operating Company.

Founded in 1988, EnCap Investments is a leading provider of private equity capital to North America's independent oil and gas industry. EnCap is led by David B. Miller, Gary R. Petersen, D. Martin Phillips and Robert L. Zorich, who collectively have more than 130 years of oil and gas investment experience and have worked together for more than 30 years.

Since its inception, EnCap has raised 19 institutional oil and gas investment funds totaling approximately $27.5 billion and today manages capital on behalf of more than 300 institutional investors. Over the history of the firm, EnCap has invested in more than 220 upstream and midstream oil and gas companies.

EnCap has moved with the market to meet the changing capital needs of its clients. Combining abundant capital resources, unparalleled experience and broad flexibility in structuring transactions, EnCap is uniquely positioned to play a crucial role in the value creation process.

Since 2001, the Old Ironsides team has built a multi‐billion dollar platform for investing in energy private equity and drilling joint ventures, and has a history of creating value in the oil and gas business. Based in Boston, Old Ironsides Energy, LLC was founded in August 2013. Previously, the Principals were members of Liberty Energy Holdings, LLC. Liberty Energy Holdings, LLC is a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc. They are focused on investments in oil and gas exploration and development, exploration and acquisitions through the direct acquisition of working interests and private equity investments in upstream companies.